Brinkmanship is no way to run an economy but proves we must speed to a low carbon version

Radio Five’s very entertaining “Wake up to money” haven’t woken up to this; nor has William Hague; and, when you hear British Gas boss Phil Bentley tell us that we all profit from their profits, you really do know that those that should, simply do not get this.  We are in desperate need of a rural energy strategy that incorporates the type of energy we actually use in rural areas!

As I write, wholesale prices for rural energy – kerosene, gas oil, LPG – have rocketed. They have risen on the back of Crude OIL jumping over $2 in a day yesterday – the 22nd of February – to $122 a barrel. They in turn have risen on the back of brokers speculating over the brinkmanship between Iran and the UK, the US and the EU. So in other words we are going to pay more for heating OIL and LPG from today because of what might, but almost definitely won’t, happen a couple of thousand miles away. How have we let this dependency on the good relations of others who have little concern for us happen? How is nothing being done to remedy this? Both are answered by the dumbfounding truth that the UK has zero rural energy strategy. Change must occur now…it must be forced from the bottom up. Last year I ranted, many moved that message on and we got the issue of outrageous price increases raised in The House. Now it is time rant some more and to take the Twelve Point Plan to parliament and beyond:

  • smart meters on every OIL and LPG tank
  • remote web access to fuel levels
  • monitoring to push a massive energy saving program
  • enhanced energy security to protect all from supply issues
  • carbon emission reductions across the entire supply process
  • reinventing the ordering process to incorporate existing smart technology
  • reinventing payment to include a pay as you go method
  • gps and remote mapping to cease aborted deliveries
  • streamlined coordination to specifically reduce waste in delivery and congestion on tight country roads
  • job creation via development of a skilled labour force in the green economy
  • embracing the opportunity of leading a reformed energy market to a renewables revolution

I defer to my previous blogs to expand on each of those points. In the US The Picken’s Plan is moving legions of supporters to force their government to tackle the issue of dependency on Middle East OIL, we must do the same. Please add your comments below and forward this to your address book AND your MP. Urge them to see that a foreign policy of brinkmanship is no way to run our economy and that they must support us now to redesign rural energy.  It is that important. Thanks.