“Be the change you want to see in the world…”

On days like this I yearn for just an ounce of Mahatma Gandhi’s resolution.

My Member of Parliament is our Prime Minister.  Thanks to The Sunday Times I finally understand why it was never likely that I was ever going to get in front of Mr Cameron…I don’t have £250,000. If you’ve missed the story – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-17503116

The idea that policy is for sale is completely obscene, isn’t it? But what is even tougher to take personally, is that right under our leader’s nose we have built a sustainable, ethical organisation that fits with everything his government has asked for,  empowering communities and generating social and environmental solutions most of which none of them could have begun to envisage, and yet we don’t register on the radar.  We have done our very best to “be the change…” but apparently that doesn’t cut it.  To be “taken seriously” we need to enter the “premier league” and then “things will open up” for us. The qualifying amount is – according to the Conservative’s chief fundraiser – as stated above £250,000.  Peter Cruddas has resigned since that statement and even before Andrew Marr could call for him to do so on his show this morning, which, as Marr said: “given that the clocks went forward this morning was pretty good going”!  Mr Cruddas’s parting comment was that it was all “bluster”.  Had it not been a sting by The Sunday Times would it still have been “bluster”?  Any which way, it is hardly very “be the change” is it?

Anybody that has any good ideas how to get my MP to talk to my PM to get him to take a cursory glance at the movement, which has spread across the UK, that began right here in his own constituency, other than raising a huge six-figure sum that is, then please do reply to me at:


I mean it’s not like they even have to write to eachother in the standard parliamentry way, it is after all just a quick chat with the man in the mirror.  David, yes David, about that brilliant Big Society idea of yours David, yes David it is rather brilliant isn’t it, well David just a few miles from the family home…