What’s your coffee jar-print?

My mum is nothing short of amazing. In her late 70s and anything but last century in her thinking.  Don’t even try and tell her low energy light bulbs don’t work, she hasn’t bought anything else for ten years and she’s convinced some have lasted that entire decade.  But take a look at this. kenco refil recycling

When she was still able to get around the supermarket herself she began buying these – Kenco eco-refills.  They are a no-brainer on so many levels.  This pile of ”coffee jars” are her entire jar-print for over two years. There are 42 of them, they all fit in one large envelope and they are about to be sent to terracycle, see here:   http://www.terracycle.co.uk/en-UK/brigades/the-kenco-eco-refill-brigade.html  where they will be turned into something else – upcycled.  It as simple as this…that just makes jolly good sense! What a rare thing in this crazy world. It proves there is a different way of looking at everything.  So what is your jar-print?