Is Collective Purchasing group buying?

Ed Davey MP, is serious about supporting the concept of groups of people buying products and services together:

However, if there is one thing that was completely clear from yesterday’s roundtable at DECC it was that running a Collective Purchasing scheme does not necessarily mean that you are Group Buying.

What’s the difference?  Simple: do the people buying the product actually feel like they belong to something – i.e. a group – or are they simply a collection of people dipping into the scheme as a one-off to conveniently save money?

Group Buying is an extremely powerful movement that takes all stakeholders with it – giving suppliers a reason to buy-in and to support the concept to which they are supplying.  When it is done well it has the potential to change lives, enhance communities, reinvent dated economic models and create social and environmental benefits…just watch and see because as Richard Bates from Consumer Focus said: “this is not going to go away”!