The heating OIL hotline…

THE MARKET IS MOVING UP and with some urgency we have set up the HEATING OIL HOTLINE for the first time ever.

For one day ONLY!….Sunday 1st July, 2012

10am-4pm  PLEASE CALL: 01993 224111


On Friday we bought at £240 +vat for 500 litres – the lowest price in the UK for twenty months!  Whilst we can’t guarantee to get that price, we’ll do our best to, but if not we’ll get as close as we possible can and find you a price that is only accessible by buying with the group.

Call or email us and we can help you with your order for you, your group, your aunty Edith on the Isle of Wight, your Farm or your business.

If you want to know what the market is doing and why, please see the next entry:  ”Friday:  the optimum day to buy your OIL?” and you will see why the indicators are telling us to BUY and buy NOW!

JOIN the UK’s Community Buying experts, we’ll keep you informed and the group will keep you protected whilst you save lots of money.

WIN a Kindle Touch: this weekend every new member will get one number in the draw to win a Kindle Touch. The draw will be made on 6th July by Tim Smit, Founder, Eden Project

This is a defining moment: the community fighting back against the corporation at a time when the consumer has been so disempowered and the corporations are being found out on a daily basis!

PLEASE act now…