Do you buy heating OIL for others?

If you run a heating OIL group and don’t receive emails like this:
“Thank you, for all you do. I have been hanging on waiting for such a moment to buy over the summer, and you have pulled it out of your hat for me. I’m so grateful. Best wishes. Anne”
then read on.
An OIL buying group that does not buy at least every month – except of course in December – is an OIL buying group that needs some rethinking. However, during the summer months, when in theory the heating is off and the stress to remember to constantly check the gauge is no longer an issue, the way to miximise savings for the group members is to make those buying days even more flexible. OIL buying group organisers must watch the market and when the time is right take every order they can to the market at the lowest possible moment. That moment just happened!
It is not too late to hang on to the coat tails of that optimum moment as the last two blog entries will explain. However, if you want to learn how to design your group to the point of that flexibility and, of even greater importance, you want access to the market intelligence that we have to help us make those choices, then please do get in touch.
For CBL this weekend is a defining moment in the battle of the consumer of rural energy taking on the corporation. It is a truly David versus Goliath situation and right now there has been only one winner – our membership! If you have members or you buy for your neighbours or even just your disabled Mum in rural Gloucestershire…don’t they have the right to know about how to access the lowest price for the most expensive commodity they have in their household budget? See the blog about Today’s HOTLINE.
The more we buy together the more we change life in rural areas.