Community Organisers’ Action Camp

The Action Camp for Community Organisers is the inspirational event I knew it would be and I can’t wait to run my workshop tomorrow morning.

Locality ( are a remarkable organisation that clearly influence huge positive impacts in communities – they have some 600 member organisations – and they major on three specific areas: community assets, community enterprise and social action. The Community Organisers concept has come from within Locality and it’s already been inspiring to be around so many people that care passionately for their own communities. This morning I was in an excellent session run by Kate Mellanby on the topic of “Know your Community Rights” (given I work with about 500 of them it seemed important to know all about their new rights about asset transfer and the right to BUY, BUILD and CHALLENGE) and the debate it created was fascinating. It further proved the synergy that exists between CBL and COs and I look forward to showing a packed workshop tomorrow morning in a session about the phenomenon that is Community Buying Groups. I have invited all attendees to bring their craziest ideas so we can work them up into micro ventures and each group can pitch their idea to a Dragon’s Den style panel.

Follow the event at #COCamp