This is so disappointing

If only I still had that big van!

carpet recycling

This is a skip outside our office. We’ve only been here two months and this is the first time I have seen this skip so rammed with carpets. They are not old. I assume they are off-cuts?

“Are they going for recycling?” I ask. “No mate landfill, there’s no way to recycle them!”

Two hundred metres down the road there’s a housing association. Across the road from there is a Car Boot sale every Sunday. Not much further away there is a dog sanctuary. I could go on and on of how they might get rid of these carpets – with a little bit of thought – and not have to pay for the landfill fee. Then of course there is where guess what…yup you can arrange to have your carpets recycled.

There is always a solution if you just take a look from a different angle.