Something big happened at Eden Project today…BIG!

Sir Tim Smit, Ed Davey – MP, Cornwall’s influencers, Eden Project, an entire county of energy buyers coming together…today’s launch shouts one thing: this is BIG! Community Buying unLimited is honoured to be one of the architects behind this massive Eden launch.

Cornwall together 1

Cornwall Together is BIG! A Group Buying movement that will bring together the buying power of people and communities from right across the county, harnessing the power of that group to negotiate better prices for their energy bills. Households, businesses and community organisations can all save and at the same time create a kind of social alchemy that tackles fuel poverty and health inequality, reduces carbon emissions and creates more sustainable communities in which to live.

Conceived by Eden Project, Cornwall Together was inspired by the model created by Community Buying unLimited, and brings together the major employers Cornwall NHS, Cornwall Council and St Austell Brewery plus CEP and Unison. Initially the idea is for Cornwall Together to negotiate with energy companies to see who can offer the best deals on electricity and gas, whilst Community Buying unLimited will cover the negotiations for heating OIL and beyond.

Whilst it is unique to bring an entire county together we have no intention of stopping there – this is the best news the UK family has had in a very long time and we have every intention of being inclusive, so we will roll it out across the UK very quickly.  To get your community, business or organisation involved and for more information email us: – join us on this incredible journey: a defining moment for communities in the UK.Cornwall together 2


Solar Update:  so you do want to own your own power station? Check out the next post below to see how Ana can help you get all the information you need to make all the right decisions. It is very very clever!

Ever wanted to own a power station?

Posted on July 21, 2012 

Do you want to own your own power station?

“This is another unique solution from Community Buying unLimited – this time with a Community Buying Group reduction of 40% which includes free CBL membership – but act now the deal runs out 31st July” – Chris Pomfret, Founder

You’ve thought about installing solar panels but – just like most of us – you’re a tad confused about everything that happened with solar? Well don’t be confused it really is as simple as this: the government incentive has fallen, but so have installation costs. What that means is IF you have the right place to put them, then Solar PV panels could be the thing that create your own personal energy security for not just 25 years, but maybe even for 40 or more!

The critical issue is the IF issue! You only need one question answered: “do I have the right space for Solar panels?” Remember they don’t just go on your roof, they can go on a shed, outhouse or even be ground-mounted and to help you answer that question we have designed a unique report to tell you everything you need to know.

This is what one of our members said to us:

“Re my own house, we have a lovely SW facing rear roof, but 3 dormer windows that take up space on it. We also have a double garage on the north side of the house, but itself with a pitched roof on an east/west orientation (ie therefore with a south facing roof). This roof is partially shaded by the house but it may have potential and it would be worth looking at both of them. Then there’s the end of the garden that we don’t really use”

So how does she find out what is the best solution for her? How do you? When people buy solar panels on their own they have no choice but to have someone round – or several someones round – to take a look and give them a professional evaluation to the suitability of the space, they then get embroiled into the business of fending off all the quotes they’ve received. CBL has found a way to bypass that process and to answer the initial question before anyone has to set foot on your property or has taken up your time. It is a virtual report that takes into account: elevation, aspect, pitch, shading and available area, and then using some rather clever algorithms calculates the potential (no absolute guarantees of course) of the likely energy generation, savings and returns over a period of 25 plus years; with the addition of potential CO2 saving calculations. You actually receive an aerial view of your roof/land with the shading of where the panels would be best situated.

This is more sophisticated (and impartial) than the reports that some solar companies have been known to charge hundreds for, however, having found the source of the most accurate reporting system the solar industry uses we’ve designed a unique CBL report and because we have such a large potential market, via all of our buying groups, we have negotiated the price down from £49.99 to £29.99 (including vat) – a saving of 40%!

ACT NOW – we have secured the £29.99 price until 5pm, 31st July – and for that period we have decided that we will include free membership to CBL for one year. This means you can also buy with any of the buying groups that we currently run – including solar!

What next? Simply send a blank email to me at: with the word “Solar” as the subject of the email and we will send back a step-by-step guide to how you get your own personal and bespoke report.

If you felt like you missed out before then maybe now is the perfect time to see if you too could become a power station owner – creating a secure energy future for you, reducing your carbon emissions and creating a more sustainable community where you live.