All that from just one picture?

If a picture tells a thousand words then this one would emit a very interesting stream of contradictions. The juxtaposition of quintessential rural beauty with grimy, carbon horrific industry; picturesque, quiet village life with unwelcome, noisy interruptions; tiny country roads with oversized hulking delivery trucks; and, whilst I could go on and on, maybe most important and surprising the contrast of dated last century thinking with really smart joined up thinking. This picture is a window into a massive transformation that is under way in our rural communities – it is really smart joined up thinking:

Witney oil delivery

We are in the transition era: whilst Drax has announced plans today of a biomass conversion to the UK’s most polluting power station into, therefore, our biggest future power station for green energy, we don’t all have the £700 million that this will take. We have to find the most creative and innovative ways to redesign what we do, add that to what we know and create our intelligent, connected solutions. With this in mind, these are the really important words that this picture says to us:

“this tanker driver is on his break – he has earnt it. Instead of driving around the countryside taking all day to visit lots of villages to deliver his fuel, he has already been in the village for two hours and after his break he will be another hour or so. He will have delivered his entire load of 18,000 litres to 21 properties within 2 miles of each other. He drove only 18 miles to get to the village and his entire round trip will, therefore, be less than 40 miles. When asked how that compared to a normal delivery round he was quick to point out that they vary but his trip could be as much as 200 miles – five times the amount of mileage, delivery energy, carbon emissions, supplier costs, etc. Imagine the enormous impact to rural life, the UK economy, the government’s carbon emissions targets of coordinating the UK’s rural energy home delivery system.” 

How did this coordination happen? We got organised. About two years ago and what has occurred since is almost unfathomable for our community and for many others. Why? Because in addition to all the above this order was also timed at the optimum moment – this was our perfect storm order referred to in previous entries below. Everyone saved even more money than usual when they joined this particular order, because we watched all the indicators and chose the perfect moment to press the button – BUY!

I mentioned above we have to redesign what we do and add that to what we know – knowledge is power. You will be able to see from the next entry that our knowledge is about to increase dramatically and we will become even more scientific in the way we coordinate these deliveries across the UK. However, it runs even deeper than that and I defer to Mr Einstein:

“imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand”

so picture this: within months we will look at those tankers around our villages and they will become icons of transformation and all that can be achieved when we get organised, increase our knowledge and then harness our imaginations, because once done that will ensure that our joined up thinking becomes even smarter in ways that we could neither have understood or ever imagined possible.