Community OIL Fund – the beginning of the end for OIL Fuel Poverty?

This month we will launch our Community OIL Fund.  This will be the single biggest step forward to tackle OIL Fuel Poverty that has ever been taken in the UK and we intend to quickly extend it to all areas of the country.

OIL users that struggle with the feast to famine payment issue quickly fall in  to Fuel Poverty, as they have to find £300, or much more, in one go for even minimum deliveries. This is a particularly difficult issue to solve and a truly pernicious type of Fuel Poverty.

The Community OIL Fund is the answer to a riddle we have been trying to solve for 3 years. At launch we will cover how we will accept invitations to both fund the fund and apply to be helped by the fund. We will also expand on our unique tie-up with Cottsway Housing Association – an extremely forward thinking organisation based in West Oxon – who are backing us to enhance the lives of their residents that are struggling with this issue and putting their money where their mouth is!

If you would like to know more about how your organisation can help or benefit the fund then please contact me directly: