Collective Switching Workshops

Everybody’s doing it and apparently everybody is a unique visionary!

You might say Collective Switching – as it has been labeled – is rather topical. Ed Miliband calls his scheme “unprecedented”. A term that clearly upset “South Lakeland’s Lib Dems” who believe they are the leaders:  ”we are very gratified that Ed Miliband has discovered, as his unprecedented scheme for connecting with disillusioned voters, a scheme that the Lib Dems in South Lakeland have already implemented.  If he wants any further advice or guidance, I am sure we will be willing to give him a few more tips on what we have done over the last few years”.

But of course none of this is – as they suggest – new. They all follow in the footsteps of Which?, who themselves borrowed a model being used in Holland and Germany. However, before we get excited about their scheme they managed to completely disprove a belief that they held and Ed Miliband is perpetuating: “the more people who sign up, the harder the bargain they will be able to drive”. Which? only secured a deal for a very small number of those that had signed up.

So what are the facts behind this frenzied need to claim the status of pioneer? Community Buying unLimited launches the very first Collective Switching Seminar Workshops in the UK on the 31st October 2012. This is an opportunity to find out exactly what has occurred, what is coming next and how to win a slice of Ed Davey’s new £5m competition fund for innovative schemes.

Read more about it by clicking the page above called “Seminar” or email Emma Admans at:

Most importantly come and learn the three golden rules that all the early adopters have failed to grasp or harness.