Dear David: day EIGHT OF 20

Day EIGHT of TWENTY: prices – transparent or simply crazy?

top fuel prices

In Northern Ireland many people pump their heating OIL at petrol stations. It is a depressing fact that they can only afford to buy their energy in 20 litre amounts. This was taken in May when kerosene prices in England were around 56ppl and I thought to myself what an expensive way to buy OIL but at least over in NI the price is published like a petrol price – difficult to be any more transparent.

Now this picture was taken this week:

top fuel prices 2

The price of kerosene has fallen – because the wholesale price is so much lower – and yet the prices on the mainland have done what?  Only hit as high as 82ppl! So I am thinking one thing and one thing only…there is something very wrong with the price of heating OIL in England.

Keep warm!

Chris Pomfret