Dear David: day TEN of 20

Day TEN of TWENTY: everybody’s talking…

Well we have finally got a lot of people talking about this now – radio, newspaper and local TV are all covering it from Sunday – and then there’s the gamut of outraged members and other OIL buyers, the input from interested parties such as FPS and yet ironically no interest whatsoever from the OFT. Why is that?

Here are today’s prices for Oxfordshire in the order that we got them from the different suppliers:

72.52ppl, 76ppl, 66.82ppl, 69.95ppl, 69.99ppl, 64ppl (although that was today’s price and they couldn’t guarantee what the price would be when they deliver – who is going to buy on that basis?), 72.95ppl, 69.99ppl, 71.88ppl, 63ppl.

Did you see that last price?  Yes it is 63ppl. This price is from Red Horse. Ironically they are one of the independent one depot suppliers that serve the county and they are by an extraordinary amount lower than any of the large suppliers and their fellow independents (apart from the non-guaranteed price). How is that possible? Did they strike OIL below their depot or have they simply decided that 13ppl above wholesale is quite enough of a margin?  We salute you Red Horse.

As day TEN comes to an end I wonder if anybody could possibly doubt what we have been saying from day ONE:  there is clearly something wrong with the price of heating OIL.

Keep warm!