Dear David: day ELEVEN of 20

Day ELEVEN of TWENTY: err…what are you doing about it?

Everybody might well be talking about it…

…but I am hearing a deafening silence from our leaders…?

Let’s be honest successive governments have had zero idea what to do about the heating OIL supply business. So it is not surprising that yours doesn’t either. But here’s the thing, like any elephant in the room it isn’t going away until you first acknowledge it and then do something about it. I find it utterly remarkable that for the third winter out of four the solutions have to be driven by a tiny community based organisation – don’t you?

Talking of which we have just found another solution. This is so important that it is probably the biggest step forward in the battle against fuel poverty across the rural community ever: The Community OIL Fund.

Fuel Poverty is higher among rural residents and even higher among those that buy heating OIL than any other section of society…we call it OIL Fuel Poverty and it is extremely nasty. Not being able to afford the lump sum for even the minimum fill of 500 litres is a very big issue for a massive number of OIL buyers. This fund is already changing all that for the residents of housing associations, members of our groups and many vulnerable people.  The Community OIL Fund buys the OIL and the residents pay for it weekly or monthly, whichever suits their cash flow.

Question:  why has no Government ever thought about that idea?

Answer:  …(I have a few but I would like you to fill in the blank)…

Imagine for a moment ten of thousands of OIL buyers making the step up out of Fuel Poverty – the positive impact on society, the knock on effect of NHS waiting lists being reduced, increased attendance at schools, reduced crime rates, less people taking their own lives and what about a community gaining from its residents feeling like they actually belong.

Keep warm!