Dear David: day THIRTEEN of 20

Day THIRTEEN of TWENTY: today’s Fair Energy Summit – some genius forgot to think beyond electricity and gas

It is really rather ironic…what’s that I hear you say? Oh I don’t know, maybe that levels of Fuel Poverty are higher among heating OIL users and yet the member organisations of the Fuel Poverty Advisory Group is populated by people, companies and organisations that know ZERO about heating OIL – here they are:

  • Chair: Derek Lickorish MBE
  • Public Utilities Access Forum (PUAF)
  • National Grid
  • Scottish Power
  • Scottish and Southern Energy
  • British Gas
  • E.ON UK
  • National Energy Action
  • RWEnpower
  • Child Poverty Action Group
  • National Heart Forum
  • Association for the Conservation of Energy
  • Age UK
  • Consumerfocus
  • Local Government Association
  • Carillion Energy Services
  • Citizens Advice
  • EDF Energy
  • Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes

Oh but wait more irony, on the day that a new study talks about much higher numbers of families in Fuel Poverty there was the Fair Energy Summit in London. Just when the supply market is making a really good job of showing the UK that the energy that is least fair of all is heating OIL, the summit simply concentrated on electricity and gas. Absolute genius.

David, Ed and John – every single user of energy other than electricity and mains gas has been let down today. I find it completely inexplicable that the four million off-grid consumers can be so unimportant to our government.

Keep warm!

Chris Pomfret