Dear David: day FOURTEEN of 20

Day FOURTEEN of TWENTY: it’s been an interesting day

We have seen some interesting things today:

  • in some counties really rather amazing price increases – by another 5ppl
  • in some counties some refreshing price reductions – of 2ppl
  • we have had a very nice reply from the Fuel Poverty Advisory Group
  • and now one from you Mr Cameron…

…thank you so much, I will keep my response really brief. The Office of Fair Trading – who you are writing to – took 9 months to try to get to the bottom of heating OIL prices, basically gave up and published a lamentable report in October 2011. What exactly are they going to do right NOW for those on the cusp of freezing to death in their own homes?  We need action now, we need a summit – maybe something like The OTHER Fair Energy Summit for the Forgotten Rural Dwellers.

It is cold out here in the shires.

Keep warm!

Chris Pomfret