Dear David: day FIFTEEN of 20

Day FIFTEEN of TWENTY: thanks for your “rant”

I made the point on BBC Oxford this week that I found myself back in the same studio highlighting the same issue for the third year out of four and that this is disturbing and rather depressing. You can hear it here for another few days – at about 2h 9mins into the show:

So surely we must do everything possible so that we are not back here again next year – surely? It seems that some of the responses from our members indicate they are ready, for example: “I wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation for your oil price lobbying – the facts on price and margins are illuminating and prove that opportunistic profit making is rife in this sector as well as in petrol distribution. Perhaps all consumers should overstock next summer and place no orders for six months – the figures would be interesting.”

Others appear to be annoyed enough to take direct action: “Thank you very much for championing the cause for Rural Oil Users. We support you 100% and sent emails as requested. Please keep up the pressure and blogging – if still no notice is taken perhaps we can…chain ourselves to an oil tank!! Thanks again we appreciate all that you are doing.”

Clearly we want to keep this debate a true and reasonable debate, but that is rather difficult when there is so little response! This is a clear insight that government should not ignore this huge section of rural dwellers because they have clearly been pushed to the limit.

I am personally grateful for all those that have kindly supported the cause and added their voices: “Thanks for your ‘rant’ – glad to hear you’re doing your best for us”.

Thank you.

Keep warm!

Chris Pomfret