Dear David: day SEVENTEEN of 20

Day SEVENTEEN of 20: just four days till Christmas

…there are no tidings of great joy, yet!

We have no emergency summit. We have no queue of MPs piling into the debate, either because they believe this is an injustice that they should right or for political gain. We have almost zero media coverage. As the interviewer asked me on BBC Oxford on Monday: “you think when it comes to fuel in this country we forget about people in rural areas and heating OIL gets missed off the big discussions?”

Err, in a word “yes”! How come Mike Gayle, BBC Oxford radio presenter gets it?

“But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?” Yes there is a tiny chink of light and actually it is from the East (given I live some way West of Whitehall), but it is not quite as compelling as a balcony with the stunning Juliet looking down at us. It is incoming email from DECC and this is what it said:

“I know you have been keeping my colleague Paul Borthwick up to date on your work to highlight issues facing heating oil consumers through your campaign on the price of heating oil, and on your work developing a pilot national smart grid for heating oil.

I wanted to thank you for your engagement with the Government on these important issues. DECC ministers have taken great interest in your campaign and the Minister of State for Energy John Hayes has asked the Downstream Oil Team to meet you so we can update him on your work.

 If you would find this useful…”

Would I find it useful? Well my response is simple: yes of course I will come back and meet with DECC – not for the first time – but it is not quite the urgent response that we need, given these are “important issues” an update is hardly a summit is it? I am not going away.

Question to you:  you want me to ask a question from you personally? Send it to me:

Today is actually a very important day. The Department of Energy & Climate Change will announce today which bids have won funds from their “Cheaper Energy Together” competition fund. I suspect those bids that have been submitted that involve group buying Heating OIL will not feature too highly – apart from maybe one that I know of – in favour of those that group buy Electricity and Mains Gas.

The main theme of the competition is helping the vulnerable with creative and innovative new initiatives – but why would they worry about the OIL Fuel Poor?

Keep warm!

Chris Pomfret