Dear David: day NINETEEN OF 20

Day NINETEEN of 20: they deserve better…

Who? Well actually every single person involved in the entire business of getting OIL into the tanks of people desperate to heat their homes. I do also include the suppliers. They should not be subjected to the business environment that they have to exist in – it simply should be different.  Their drivers certainly deserve better. The man that drives this truck:fuel car banbury

is called Seamus. He is very popular within the local villages around the hub of our operation because he is always cheerful and he does an amazing job. Even today, on a Sunday, many drivers like Seamus do a truly excellent job in really difficult conditions – like the howling storms and floods right now – and they are a breed unto themselves. Sadly, we have barely used Seamus since his company moved over to the dark side – but when we do the feedback we get reminds me just what a great job these extremely resourceful people do. They deserve better than to be on the end of rants about price because the industry they work in is desperate for redesign.

Keep warm!

Chris Pomfret