Dear David: day TWENTY of 20


Day TWENTY of 20: think about this… David we have all got better things to do than this. I am supposed to be running myriad Community Buying Groups – not just OIL buying groups – and you have a country to run! Yes I understand you have many other things to do, but you know this is extremely important and you also know that no government has ever worked out what it should do about home heating OIL.  On one level they have made this really easy. These are tough times David:

  • Macmillan are telling us that 27,000 cancer sufferers are in arrears on their energy bills – actually that won’t even include cancer sufferers that buy OIL because if you can’t pay upfront for OIL you simply don’t get it
  • economists have stated that family budgets are so fragile that even the tiniest of interest rate increases would cause a huge impact on so many more households and push more thousands into fuel poverty
  • that would be on top of the 300,000 additional families that this Christmas has pushed into fuel poverty

The list, of course, goes on and on and yet what is incredible in these truly tough times when those businesses that are profitable and do employ lots of people have an extremely important role to play in society, to be the most responsible corporate citizen they can be, certain elements of this industry let themselves down so badly. They let their entire industry down. They let all their clients down. They let us all down. With inflation running at 2.7% and yet retail prices generally being kept down to an increase of only 0.9% – year on year to December – too many suppliers within this critically important industry missed these very important indicators and allowed themselves to be influenced by very short term greed.

David, Britain’s economic recovery can only be driven by truly inclusive, ethical and responsible business practices, performed by those businesses that are doing well forging a way forward and creating new opportunities for others to be creative and innovative. The home heating OIL industry made it really easy for everyone to see that it simply does not fit that purpose. There is one thing we must do now…call an emergency summit…because this is not going to go away. As I said before I am not going to let it go away. We need to look at this from a completely different angle:

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” – Marcel Proust.

Happy Christmas

Keep warm!

Chris Pomfret