DECC – are you ready for this?

So heating OIL prices started coming down. Not because of the twenty day rant, obviously, but because it is no longer Christmas of course. However, in the midst of the ranting someone had clearly had enough of me – Mr Cameron, Mr Davey, My Hayes, I am not sure who – because DECC got in touch.

I meet with Rachael Clapson & Hannah Wadcock from the DECC Downstream Department, and Paul Borthwick who leads on heating OIL and off-grid issues this week. Do you have a question you want an answer to? Well then email it to me: 

Armed with information about the shenanigans that is simply impossible to fathom, I wonder if DECC are ready for this? You see when I know that they have this information – which I know they will never have had presented to them in this way before – I am of course going to tell everyone and I am going to keep reminding them that I know they have it. Quite simply they are actually going to have to do something about it. So what do you reckon – are they ready for this?