What is the point of the OFT?

So think about this: as those good people at the Office of Fair Trading drive around the countryside like you and I what exactly do they see? Surely they cannot see the same petrol price issues, the same reluctance for petrol prices to fall as wholesale prices fall or the fact that very few independent petrol stations can continue to exist in this environment. If they did see this they could not possibly have released the study yesterday with the headline statement:

“The evidence gathered by the OFT suggests that at a national level, competition is working well in the UK road fuel sector,”

Which simply leads me to ask what is the point of the OFT?

David Cameron asked me to write to the OFT when I was highlighting the price hikes for heating OIL in December. I explained they don’t listen to me so he should write to them. He did. We still don’t have a response. But here’s the thing, if they can’t see what is wrong with a business that is so obviously wrong is it any wonder that they have never been able to get to what is wrong in one that is so skilled at being opaque and confusing?

If the OFT cannot help us with such important issues…what is the point of the OFT?