National Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

Fuel Poverty…it’s really big right? I mean it is a blight on our nation, utterly abhorrent that so many millions find themselves in it and something that our government has pledged to eradicate. So you would think that National Fuel Poverty Awareness Day would be a massive thing – all over the media, loads of commentary from big social voices, a news story that might give some hope for those needing help. No’p. Today, the 1st of February, was that day. I actually had to ring the Fuel Poverty charity NEA to ask them if it was right that today was that day. Yes today was that day!

So given that this was the day on which we were supposed to raise awareness of Fuel Poverty and hardly a word was written or spoken about it, I suggest we call today National Fuel Poverty UNaware Day and start again.

What do you suggest?