Community group buying ipads!

And now for something completely different…a new ipad 2 with a unique 10% package discount…and guess what, if it goes wrong another new ipad 2!

Apple do not do discounts – believe me we found that out the hard way! So how come we have a unique package for an ipad 2 and TWO YEARS ipad cover for 10% less than Apple sell theirs? It is called the power of the group. Buying with the group changes the way anyone buys anything, because it changes the relationship with the corporation:

And our deal is?  £359 inclusive

How does that compare? Apple sell this version of their ipad 2 with two years of Apple care included at £398. That is a total saving of £39 for the package – about 10% against Apple’s own deal.

LATEST NEWS…the first 100 get a free reusable strawberry bag to put your Apple in…trendy, funky and really rather clever!

What are members saying?

How do you do it – get a deal that good for an apple?” Amanda Johnston, Belfast

I would like one but with the hour of tuition from Ana or Emma please.” Charles Sturt, Oxon (aged 80)

I don’t want an ipad but my niece has been after one, this amazing deal will be perfect.” Hannah Jago, Eynsham

What makes this deal unique? OK so Apple price protect their machines, which means there is no such thing as a dirt cheap ipad. So we were thinking about how important it is to our members to ensure that this amazing piece of kit actually lasts longer than five minutes. What if it stops working, we thought to ourselves, what then? We don’t mean what if you drop it in the bath, eat your food off of it, throw it out of your pram when your footie team loses or, please no, have it stolen – we rather hope that these days the accidental bit of your contents insurance would cover all that. What we mean is if it develops a fault, any fault, what then? Well problem solved…you get a new one!

Which ipad? The ipad 2, black or white (so you can choose black or white – there are no red ones), 16gb and if you want to know more about it, the specification and what Apple’s own deal is then click here to go to the Apple site:

What next?  Just whizz us an email saying “yes please” and we will send you all the details you need to know to get your hands on this amazing package discount – be in the first 100 – don’t miss out on the strawberry bag.

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a community buying group is good for your pocket, good for your community and good for everyone’s environment

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