Five ways an iPad becomes a beacon for humanity…really?

Have you ever wondered if buying a mass produced iPad from a massive Chinese factory, with questionable social impact, should sit comfortably with your own social conscience?

We redressed the balance with our “Five ways an iPad becomes a beacon for humanity”.

A Positive Social Impact

“Apple don’t do discounts” – so we were told – but with the buying power of a group we negotiated a package for a 10% discount. That is what Community Buying does. The power of the group (@powerofthegroup) shifts the power to the group and a better price, a better deal and a better outcome is created. It always creates positive social impacts.

OAP iPad Intuition – one of our most loyal members, thought an iPad would be a great idea. We weren’t quite prepared for exactly why our Ana went to see him and his wife for an hour’s introduction and within minutes they could see that life was undoubtedly going to be enhanced with so many applications that would be useful.Anna and the ipad

Bridging the generation gap – think of the number of people that would welcome this service. A friendly face to show them something that they probably think isn’t for them. There are thousands of vulnerable, isolated, lonely people that we could help and this is a huge potential for positive social outcomes.

NEETS venture – we only have one Ana. But we work with organisations that work with young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEETS), that would love to be able to share their knowledge of the latest gadgets and IT with those that they would never have interacted with before. It could create hundreds of jobs in the community. Ana is currently designing a four week programme so that they can teach it, for an hour a week. The cost is offset by learning how to switch to cheaper services like energy, phone or insurance and by using their new toy to enhance their own life.

Driving the local economy – we didn’t get our deal with Apple, we went local. IT specialist resellers, European Electronique Ltd, who employ 120 local people. It is a great story for them of their social responsibility impact and for our MP, David Cameron, another Big Society success.

But can an iPad really help humanity?
It can if you think about “A Member’s Story” where an iPad enables our member to watch the cricket in the same room as his lovely wife whilst she watches TV, or read his books, and distract him from battling ill health, or in his words: ”Keeping my mental faculties from atrophying and playing games for providing a great time waster”. More importantly an iPad enables them both to watch their grandchildren grow-up in Australia.
An iPad can clearly be used to enhance lives that deserve to be enhanced.
Do you know of anyone that we could help? Please contact us… @powerofthegroup