Excellent OIL suppliers don’t deserve to be judged by the other type!

Getting heating OIL around this island and into the tanks of needy users can often be described as a feat. Sometimes it is those needy users that make things even more difficult. This last week has been an incredibly tough one for many suppliers and next week will be more of the same. Many were out yesterday – Good Friday – delivering as much as they could following the deluge of orders they received last week. Right now is one of those times that OIL delivery can be called a feat!

Thank you to our suppliers

We work with around 40 suppliers – generally building very close working relationships. Many are extraordinary companies, who do extraordinary things and often with little or no thanks. Which is why we encourage feedback and pass it on with thanks when we get it. We felt it was a particularly pertinent time to share some of these comments:

I meant to confirm that the oil delivery was impeccable. The standing instructions were followed so well I didn’t know the delivery had been made until I found the delivery note. Outer access door shut properly as well.

Thank you for organising our emergency delivery, the company were totally brilliant.

The driver just delivered. He’s come from Kidderminster in these dreadful conditions. Can you tell the company how impressed we were? Hope he makes it safely back.

Just thought I’d let you know your wonderful oil delivery company tried to deliver today, sadly our road is too snowy to get the lorry in and out safely. Superb service tho’! Hope snow disappears soon!

This new company offer a first class service. Had a call from them on Friday, delivered on Saturday. They certainly know how to impress.

We are extremely grateful to those companies that treat our members with such respect, understand the benefits of working together and are prepared to build excellent working relationships with CBL. You know who you are. Thank you.

Welcoming more!

As we grow we would like to work with more suppliers right across the UK. Particularly those that want to closely work with us on the vital rural issues of: alleviating OIL Fuel Poverty, building more sustainable villages and reducing carbon emissions of delivery. Far from the perception that Community Buying costs suppliers, we know that suppliers can increase their profits by working with CBL! Come and talk to us about all of that, but even more importantly about price transparency.

Price transparency…err what price transparency

During this last week of really large difficulties: shortages of kerosene, panic among many heating OIL users, trying to work out if the customer that begs for OIL because they have run out has actually run  out, a four day week (followed by another!), even more snow, and so on…we have received some extremely fair prices for our members and as usual we have been extremely fair with our suppliers – getting to the right price is a two way street – but then there is this!

Before you watch it ask yourself what would be the absolute maximum an OIL supplier should be charging per litre right now…is 80ppl too much? What about 85ppl? What if it were more…?

What next with this?

We want price transparency so that things like this never happen again. But maybe you disagree? We welcome your thoughts on what should be done about this.

If we were to achieve price transparency we would never have to worry about making a call like this ever again – we would be very happy about that – and OIL suppliers would make more money, spread more evenly across the year, that is a fact! Even more importantly all those good comments above about what an amazing service many suppliers provide, and all the good work so many do, would not be tarnished by the actions of the few. I am very well aware of the pressures on this business, but I am acutely aware of the pressures many are facing trying to heat their homes, afford their OIL and, in far too many cases, simply stay alive. So whilst I expect suppliers to make a healthy profit I also wish those that go too far would think about something Mahatma Gandhi once wrote:

“Recall the face of the poorest and weakest person you have seen, and ask yourself if this step you contemplate is going to be of any use to them.”

Come and contemplate your next steps with us and working together let’s make delivering OIL across the UK less of a feat.

Please come and talk to us at: chris@community-buying.com

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