Energy price hikes “inevitable”, we have a cunning plan

Energy prices will rise by 5-10% before the end of the year! According to one of the many money sites that we monitor on behalf of our members the message is clear, as this comes: from suppliers directly, with one saying that price rises were “inevitable” while another claimed it was an “indisputable fact that energy costs are rising”.

Oh that’s just brilliant. I know it is hardly a major shock, but come on the Winter only just finished in May and so we must surely only be half way through the Summer, the consumer deserves some respite, right?

We have some big news. Good big news. We have that respite. Not only have we just piloted a superbly clever way to reduce the cost of energy – in addition to our group buying reductions – but we are set to tackle the size of the energy bills of every single one of our members too.

It is a really simple concept. If you reduce the energy waste in your home, not only can the size of the bill be cut by a third in a year, but it will stay cut by a third for the following year and every subsequent year. It is of course also the greenest energy too, the energy that you never use, never waste, never pay for. We are about to help you save that wasted energy once and then save it again and again. This really is the time to watch this space and we will bring you a cunning plan.