What price for the blood that stains the streets of Egypt

I was just in Egypt last week…working. It was the most peaceful of all the many trips I have had there. When I say working, I was kind of working.

Not the kind of work that cost Mick Deane his life today. The Sky News cameraman was shot dead as Cairo descended into what has seemed an inevitable and exorable journey into deeper civil unrest. Not the kind of work that Jeremy Bowen has done for the BBC for so long – bringing so many conflicts to our screens.

My visit was to the bit of Egypt that isn’t in Africa – The Sinai Peninsular – to a place called Taba Heights. It is on the shore of The Red Sea in a unique place where four countries collide. As I said, it could not be more peaceful there. It is a place where I have helped to set off sustainability projects over the last decade and the kind of work I was doing was designing a package for my members to go to the resort to have an amazing holiday, with an added social purpose. Now you might think that the developments would put me off? Far from it. I believe the best thing we can do for that country is to continue visiting it as concerned and conscientious tourists. You can only imagine the incredible response you get from Egyptians for doing so.

As the price of the blood on the streets is a premium on crude OIL as it hit a four month high today – at nearly $111 – I am determined that the cost must not be the complete depletion of their tourist economy. I believe our community group can help those communities that really need it right now by making a huge show of solidarity. It will be very interesting to see who will come with me on this journey!