Our splendid wall!

It’s official…this is The People’s OIL Buying Hub:2013-08-16 16.09.37

We have created a unique wall from which we plan and coordinate the deliveries of thousands of OIL buyers. As you can see it wouldn’t be quite the same without the maps! Once again we have collaborated with an organisation that were impressed with what we do and were happy to meet us half way with a very generous offer – so we thank the good people at Map Marketing (www.mapmarketing.com) 2013-08-16 16.10.42

for supplying the very things that make this wall the most important wall in community OIL across the UK:

2013-08-16 16.08.21

OK so we’ve messed with the UK a little. Sliced off Scotland and shifted it to the west of Wales, extracted Northern Ireland out of the rest Ireland (we are not quite ready to take all of that on yet), but you get the idea. For the people of the UK that buy heating OIL, real people who are often struggling to make ends meet, this wall will become more and more important. It is The People’s OIL Buying Hub, it is the thing that lets us literally see the big picture, which is why we think our wall is a rather splendid thing.