Are you from a beautiful & extraordinary place? I am very lucky that I am…

The three parishes of Wootton, Glympton and Kiddington make up one stunning place to live deep in rural Oxfordshire. Surrounded by beautiful views we have award winning community shops, an extraordinary series of Village Hall talks, many factors that combine to create a deep sense of togetherness and something else completely unique that makes these three villages safer, more secure and certainly more sustainable than most – we have a community buying group.

Whilst we have developed way beyond it we began by buying OIL together. This is the latest update for all those that buy or want to buy with the other WGK OIL buyers. It is a Summer Price Update, but don’t worry it is not exclusive and no matter where you live in the UK we have worked out a way you can buy with us…so keep reading.

Our next official buying rounds are the first week of September and then the first week of October. BUT we are in a long hot summer – or so it seems – and I am hoping nobody is in a rush to fill up. This means we can watch the market and be a bit more flexible to get even more savings. Last summer we tracked a constant downward spiral and bought for lots of members at the very lowest price for over 20 months. As you can see from the graph, this year has been very different…


Things were going nicely in the right direction until the unrest occurred in Egypt. Once again, events a very long way away affected the price of the energy we use in rural UK. Unless the situation seriously deteriorates for a long period, my instinct tells me that we will see another dip before we head into the autumn; there are lots of reasons for this. One of those is that winter literally stretched into May so demand will be very low for a long period; possibly all the way to the end of October. Of course, given this is simply instinct I may well be completely wrong. If it were based on concrete knowledge, I would be on my own yacht writing this!

Market intelligence: as you know we receive up to the minute knowledge about prices, and this summer more than ever before, we can keep you all up to date with the movements. So I want to watch the price and choose the best possible moment to put in an order for all those that want to fill up before the winter. In the interests of speed, we intend to use both email and also TEXT messages to let you know when we believe would be the very best time for you to buy before we all hunker down for the next winter.

Keeping in touch: last year the members with the most forms of contact were the easiest for us to help. So please update us with your latest mobile phone number/email address – or additional alternatives if you have more than one. Not only can we send you urgent price information, but we find this also helps if there are ever any issues right at the moment of delivery.

What do you need to do? Simply tell us you want to join this “market watch order”, tell us how many litres you would like to order and we will do the rest, both watching the market and keeping you updated.

How best can you keep in touch? 

1. There is an option to “follow” this site so that all updates instantly get emailed to you.

2. Follow us on Twitter – @powerofthegroup.

3. Of course we are on Facebook – search Community Buying unlimited.

4. As ever email us your questions, queries, orders and ideas:

5. Or of course you can always give us a call 01993 224111.

Many thanks as ever for helping to build one tiny community project into a much larger community enterprise.


Chris Pomfret
Founder | Community Buying unLimited
Tel: 01993 224111 | | tw: @powerofthegroup