“Free from”…? How about free from the big rip off

Have you ever wondered how free from stuff could possibly be so expensive? Have you ever wondered what you could do to make it cheaper?

Well, whether free from stuff is a rip off or not no longer matters, you need wonder no more, because the power of the group is about to change everything. These products are set to get a whole lot cheaper.

free from

But not just these, pretty much anything you want or need to buy for those in your family that have to consume free from products. How? A community buying group that works for you and negotiates on your behalf for all your free from requirements is the next big launch at CBL.

Why are we doing this?

1. Well I live with a wonderful Hannah who has to think about everything she fuels her body with, and quite frankly I have had enough of paying too much for what I consider staple foods.

2. So given CBL has built community buying groups for many other products it was an obvious step to create one so that we could use the expertise we have developed for some serious self-interest!

3. There are huge communities that talk to each other about this subject but never before have they had the platform to come together to take their orders to the market and create huge savings.

4. We also know there are many funky suppliers and brilliant products out there that more people should know about…and we’ll go and find them.

So register your interest via the form on the Join page or just by saying hello to us at thinking@community-buying.com – you can tell us what you really want to buy and we’ll design the group around each and every one of you.

Watch this space, we can’t wait to get started to make this work for all of you – and Hannah! Was there ever a more deserving community than those that need to eat free from?