Boilerjuice annihilation update

Once again the annihilation of Boilerjuice prices, and with it their opaque and pernicious business model, continues. We bashed their prices in every single postcode we placed an order this week – some by very nearly 10ppl on a like-for-like delivery window. Ironic that they call their model “The smart way to buy cheaper heating oil”. Not that smart and not really cheaper is it? But still a way to buy heating oil, so I suppose one out of three ain’t bad! That’s nice for them isn’t it? One wonders what the claim “Since 1st January 2013 we have saved our customers over £169,000 with our bulk-buy ‘Group Savings’ discount…” could possibly be measured against? Imagine if those poor unfortunate OIL users had actually been buying with a real group buying model. The savings would have been extraordinary.

OIL suppliers think about this: you don’t still have the same perm you had in the 70s or the mullet you wore in the 80s, right? But if you are an OIL supplier that still believes that sending out deliveries via this site is good for your business, then you might as well be sporting a hair cut from a different decade, because that is where your business thinking is. The issues that have plagued Boilerjuice in the past have not gone away. Letting them take upto 5ppl a litre from orders that you deliver is simply rewarding all their shenanigans they’ve been involved in. I forget who owns them now, any ideas? No me neither, because I can barely keep up with the constant changes.

So what is the alternative? Very simply take a look at the next post and ask yourself why you are not on that wall. It is the most ethical, sustainable buying group model you can possibly work through and as many of the amazing suppliers that work with us have found out, it reflects extremely well on their business…come and join the revolution, because this really is Smart!