Suppliers on our splendid wall

We are delighted that we work closely with over 40 suppliers, all of which have appeared on our splendid wall at some point over the last three years. Many appear very regularly, many would like to appear a lot more regularly! This is the map of which suppliers have supplied our members and our groups across our buying areas this week:

2013-08-22 21.22.50

The suppliers in the north that I apologise to because the picture cuts them off are Johnston OILs and GB Fuels/NRG. The supplier on the Isle of Wight that you may not be able to read is Isle of Wight Fuels. As you can see we work with the very smallest right up to the very biggest. We work with those with dry depots and those with vast storage. We work with new and old. We work in a unique way to any other group.

If you have never been on that wall, then ask yourself this: shouldn’t you work out why so many suppliers want to be and what you could be missing out on. If you have too much work all year round then the answer will be no. I am not sure I can think of any other reason why you would pass on the opportunity to be involved with a group that is socially responsible, environmentally conscious and, which is why we need to work with more of you, building very quickly across the whole of the UK.

Finally, to all the suppliers that do such a great job getting our orders out to our members, we certainly value what you do and, as you know, the developments we have in place will ensure that we will be working with you in a much bigger way over the next few years. Thank you all.