Give me a clue why anyone still buys from Boilerjuice?

Once again I have to question the point of Boilerjuice. What purpose do they actually serve? It is difficult to see any benefit at all to the consumer. 

On Friday they announced that their buying weekend had begun, like it was a good thing. I am still telling my members not to panic and not to buy when the speculators have made the price of OIL escalate. But here’s the thing, they send that email every Friday, no matter what the price of heating OIL – so clearly every weekend is buying weekend! Once again they claim massive savings, but their old maths teacher wouldn’t be happy because they never show any workings.

Let me show you some workings. If you need an urgent order and resort to this site, then look what you will pay:

2013-08-31 13.38.04

CBL ordered an emergency delivery to get to the member a day earlier, on Monday, at over 17ppl cheaper than the Boilerjuice emergency price, which is scheduled to get there by Tuesday. That is £85 on just 500 litres – plus the vat –  an extraordinary amount of money. Once again questioning the efficacy of their marketing line: “the smart way to buy cheaper heating oil”! Really?

So I ask again: please give me a clue why anyone still buys with Boilerjuice?