Day One: Dear David…I decided to start early this year

Dear David,

I know you’ve had a tough week, so I thought some light at the end of a tough week would go down well.

I know how much you enjoyed my daily updates last December, so I thought I would start much earlier this year. After all we have so much to get through, and you will be pleased to know that there are some really easy ways for us to make some massive steps forward. I will cover them as I write each day.

Firstly, let’s set a date for a get together. It is now 16 months since we met in your surgery – constituent to constituency MP – and a recap in person is surely long overdue. How is your diary set for later this month?

By that time we will know how our campaign to Make OIL Fuel Poverty History is going and just how close we have got to raising the £1.5 million we need for the Community OIL Fund. On your list you can get me an update on the two things that you agreed you wanted to support at that meeting – a Downing Street reception for those RCCs that are part of our group and a serious nudge for DECC to aid the rollout of our OIL Smart Meters.

I  know you must be deep in the midst of preparing for a G20 meeting up with Mr Putin, so good luck with that.

Chris Pomfret