Day Four: Dear David…Our Pledge

“We believe everybody in this country has the right to a warm, dry home that they can afford to heat and power” – the words of the End Fuel Poverty Coalition as they introduce their five pledges. Pledges that of course we completely agree with. However, there is something missing – a specific reference to heating OIL. As you know, those using heating OIL are even more vulnerable than those using mains gas and even greater numbers are fuel poor. So this is our pledge to add to the Coalition’s:

We call upon the Government and all political parties to commit to the following pledge:

“To highlight the unique plight of those in OIL Fuel Poverty and engage every stakeholder whose interests are served by tackling this overlooked issue – the OIL users, every organisation tackling any form of Fuel Poverty, DECC, the OIL supply industry, social housing landlords and local authorities – by acting with one voice to build a robust and sustainable solution”.

David we don’t just believe we can End OIL Fuel Poverty, we know we can, and as we create a robust, joined up and sustainable solution we know it will also have the following impacts:

  • Safer and more sustainable rural communities
  • Economic growth in very deprived rural areas
  • Huge reduction in carbon emissions in the use and delivery of a fossil fuel
  • Engage a lost generation of NEETS young people
  • Increase energy security for the UK
  • Create a thousand rural jobs with green skills
  • Reduce energy waste through sustainable behaviour change
  • Generate a rural renewables revolution
  • Save the public purse a huge amount of money via a reduction in excess winter deaths, increased health and well-being in tens of thousands of families, increased attendance at school, decreased anti-social behaviour

As you can see the level of importance the UK gives this must be one of urgent priority.  You must ask what on earth are we waiting for…are you with us?