Day Five: Dear David…the plight of the “normal”

This landed in my inbox today – a comment direct from the website. These words are a real insight into the plight of tens of thousands of UK citizens:

I find the minimum delivery of 500 litres getting harder and harder to save for. Although I don’t use that much oil in a year as I have a very eco friendly house and I supplement my heating with a log burner, those bigger sums are harder to save for when you are on a lower income. If I join the ‘budget’ plan of one of my local suppliers I have to pay a premium. I tried to create an oil club in our village but the numbers were just not sufficient enough and some people couldn’t be bothered! I work full time and it was getting too much for me chasing everyone up and those who didn’t work, or worked part time ,were not willing to take it over so if I could be part of a bigger club it would be fantastic.

Today was stunningly hot and beautiful. Yet in just a few short weeks many thousands of people will be wondering if they can afford to pay the £350 they need for a minimum delivery of heating OIL to keep their homes warm.

Oh by the way, Radio Five had their Energy Day today. I heard lots of it, although not all so I cannot be completely sure, but I am very doubtful that heating OIL would have been mentioned once. Every single decision maker and power broker in the field of energy only ever considers Electricity and Gas to be worth discussing. Why would they worry about heating OIL, after all it only accounts for 12% of the UK’s housing stock.