Day Eleven: Dear David…Mr Putin is a heating OIL user’s new best friend

Heating OIL users have it tougher than any other type of energy user in the UK. It is not a suggestion, it is a fact. On every level they have it tougher, but most of all it is the exposure to the whim of world leaders that is most difficult to deal with. The most volatile energy market is impacted on an hourly basis and heating OIL users are almost entirely oblivious to how what they pay one day is linked to the events of the world from the day before.

I decided to take a break from my “Dear David” for four days because I have been watching the world literally change before my eyes. It has been incredible hasn’t it? Mr Putin’s proposal for Syria has changed our world. Ironic that the man that has won a Nobel Peace Prize didn’t think about exhausting all avenues of diplomacy before wanting to send the bombs, but let’s push that aside. The impact of this turn of events is a massive fall back in the price of crude OIL. But it is simply rectifying the “premium” that has gone on through nothing but speculation over the last two weeks. That goes on every day. Having fallen back over the last two days, the latest commentary is still trying to fuel a situation that will see prices go back up: “Analysts have warned that oil prices could spike if violence in Syria spills over into the region’s main oil producing countries”.

The key words are “could” and “if”. A heating OIL user running low and needing to fill up over the last two weeks you would have paid £50-100 more than those filling this week…on an “if” and a “could”. This is both preposterous and obscene. Heating OIL users generally have zero idea of this complexity, which is why OIL Fuel Poverty is so very difficult to deal with and has been literally forgotten. Until now that is…take a look at exactly what we are doing:

This week Mr Putin has done more to protect our vulnerable heating OIL users than any other politician on the planet – including all those whose direct responsibility it is to do something. Admittedly, he had no idea he was doing so and it may be only for a week or two, but it you are filling up for the winter that is all you need. Oh the irony, this week Mr Putin has made life a little easier for many very vulnerable UK energy users, I am thinking of dropping him a thank you note.