Inspiring young people through venture

Synolos and ACE Training do exactly that – inspire young people. CBL add the venture! They are two Oxfordshire social ventures that work with young people that are looking for direction and via a mixture of training methods they give them a chance to learn skills and a trade. No, it is more than that, what they give them is an opportunity to be anything…a reinvented future.

synolos 5

CBL collaborates with as many organisations like this: among others the amazing Aspire and KFES Ltd. Because we work with a community of communities and create venture after venture. Right now it is a local Rock salt/grit buying/delivery project, in which we hope to involve a large number of young people. Some will come from those training ventures listed, but many of which will actually have no form of involvement in education, employment or training – labelled NEETs. From our base in Witney we will be delivering rock salt right across the county, at a 20% discount to the big DIY stores and office supply companies. In other words because CBL group buy yet another product the buyers will get a great deal, they will be supporting a social venture and of course they will be able to get out of the door, down the path and off the drive when the next big freeze comes!

So what next? It could literally be anything, but it looks like the long time in the developing Community Log concept will be the very next social venture to spin out of CBL. We are looking forward to see where these ventures go and just how many people we can benefit.

Finally…look! Who do you know that would love an opportunity of a reinvented future? All of the organisations we collaborate with are looking to work with as many young people as they can…so please forward this to anyone that could benefit. That is how a community of communities works.

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