Just time to celebrate the “genius” of Boilerjuice again

As you know it is one of my favourite things to do. Not only do I love to show our members how we annihilate Boilerjuice prices everytime, everywhere, and discuss their abhorrent business model – I’ve covered at length in other entries the ream of reasons – but we do love to highlight the inaccuracy of their advice too.


Yet another Boilerjuice buying weekend began on Friday – just like every other weekend so far this year – and with it the following headline: “Prices are on the increase”.

Genius as ever: the OIL gods have actually conspired at a very unusual time of the year to give us some of the lowest prices of the whole year, right now. Then the market actually closed down even further that very same day the advice came through! So where does that leave those poor unfortunate OIL buyers that have been misinformed into believing the price is going up and, worse still, that they have located “The Smart Way To Buy Cheaper Heating Oil”?

Well not one of those that ordered with Boilerjuice over the “buying weekend” would have been told the market fell. The utter inflexibility of the system means their money would have been squirrelled away and the order sat waiting in the inbox of a supplier to be actioned on Monday morning.

Had those very same buyers found their way to a truly smart – and rather more informative – way to buy, then we would have told them just that. “Sit tight” is what we have told the members that are part of a 500,000 litre order that is pending. When will we place the order? We will work with our suppliers, watch the market and choose the optimum moment to do so, on behalf of those that have trusted us to look after their interests before anyone else’s.

For those of you that think this is harsh – whether you buy or supply or work with Boilerjuice or not – believe me it’s not. The Boilerjuice model sucks and I have tried many times to get a meeting with them to begin a conversation about how we can help them forge a far more socially responsible, ethical and sustainable model, but to say that Paul Ward and his team are reluctant to come and work with the community is somewhat of an understatement!

Always interested in your comments: chris@community-buying.com.