Locality Annual Convention ’13 – where communities ambitious for change choose to meet

For the next two days over 500 inspiring change-makers, representing communities with a reach to millions of UK citizens, will meet in Leicester. This is not just another conference; this is the Locality Annual Convention ’13 where communities ambitious for change choose to come together to both inspire and be inspired.

What makes this so important and so unique? Well Locality’s annual convention is the community, voluntary and social enterprise sector’s biggest and best event of the year and there are a plethora of reasons why. This year’s theme is: “building possibility” and to create the potential for those coming together to do just that there are excellent workshops covering:

Community Rights – Neighbourhood planning – Community Enterprise – Local food – Volunteering – Community arts

visits into Leicester with the opportunity to see innovation and excellence in action:

Saffron Resource Centre – LCB Depot and Makers’ Yard – Highfields Community Centre – Soft Touch Arts

fringe meetings, masterclasses, debates and wise words from contributors and speakers from across the sector and beyond. In other words, endless opportunities to share and to learn what will undoubtedly create remarkable outcomes and help to build “communities where people can feel a sense of pride and ownership” and to ask that ever important question: “Is there a better way?”

However, there is one final factor in this mix that sets this conference apart and is the key to truly inspiring change so that this coming together is the beginning of many outcomes rather than the end – the magic of sharing! When so many inspired individuals converge in one place something magical happens: it is the unplanned, rather than the planned when conversations begin, ideas are shared, collaborations are realised and relationships are fused. It is this spirit of sharing a common theme, without agenda, that will be the lasting impact for so many: the very thing that will build possibility and transform communities from within.

CBL is proud to support and work with Locality – in particular our shadowing days with Community Organisers – and excited to not only be part of the conference, but to be representing Energy Bill Revolution’s campaign against Fuel Poverty in the Exhibition area. If you are there come and find us…if you are not, why not? Watch the amazing outcomes as they unfold after the event and get it in your diary for next.


See more at: http://locality.org.uk/events/locality-annual-convention/#sthash.pJKGKRQc.dpuf