They talk Fuel Poverty, whilst we talk real people

Solutions are extremely few and far between when all you see is the challenge. Fuel Poverty is an extraordinarily complex issue, but the more I read the stats, the labels and the political policy, I realise those that need to do something about it haven’t got a clue how to do it.

At CBL we look from a different angle. When you take a different look, you see different things. We don’t see numbers, we see real people: real people struggling to survive – literally. So this is what we have done: designed a solution. It is a unique new way for those families struggling to pay for even a minimum delivery of heating OIL to, first FIX the price, then spread the costs on a budget plan. This is unique – never been done before. This is what government, charity, supply industry and many other interested parties have been looking to do for years and now it is done. The biggest step forward in tackling OIL Fuel Poverty that has ever been conceived launched only 48 hours ago to our members. Feedback from an entire cross-section of society was far beyond encouraging, it was uplifting. Imagine how we felt when this response came from someone we don’t even know – referred to us by one of our members and writing on behalf of their vulnerable mother:

“My Mum is 72 and a widow. She lives down a track on a farm and she is very isolated. She used to buy oil, but hasn’t been able to afford it for over two years. She keeps warm by heating two rooms with an electric fire and then picks up wood for the fire from the farm. I live 100 miles away and feel like I let her down as I don’t have the money to either get there very often or pay for her heating. Is it possible for me to do this for her? If so please can I book 1000 litres in total, with 500 litres now. I can afford the initial payment and if possible would like to spread the remainder over 12 months. I think this is the most B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T. scheme ever.”

This week we will reveal the full story and exactly what “The CBL Fixed Budget Deal” is, who has played a remarkable role in helping us to develop it, how it works and how it is going to change the lives of many OIL buying householders across the UK. 

You might think it so simple you can’t believe it took this long – we do! One thing for sure Mr Churchill would have approved: “Out of great complexities, great simplicities emerge“.

Join us, help us, tweet us, like us and forward us into the inbox of everyone you know that needs to know this, thank you. You know where I am: