Best deal for OIL buyers ever?

Here’s the news…the first ever FIXED BUDGET DEAL for heating OIL users.

What does that mean? One thousand litres delivered anytime before the end of March 2014 and paid for on a monthly budget plan from January to December 2014, will cost £52.45 per month. That’s it. 

Is this the best deal for OIL buyers…ever?  It is unique – never been done before – but why not make up your own mind when we explain:

  • for those on a fixed income it is the perfect way to budget for the very first time – a huge boost for those on a pension
  • for those that have been really struggling with OIL bills this is the very best solution there has ever been
  • for those that worry that world events might turn for the worse just when they need to fill up this gives certainty.

In short we believe this is the best Christmas present we can give OIL buyers – peace of mind.

But don’t take our word for it: 

“It is indeed very exciting news that you have negotiated such a scheme and deal with the suppliers.  I for one am with you in being excited.  Not only for myself but for the thousands of people this will help.  I believe this could help a lot of people in fuel poverty actually heat their homes this winter and potentially save lives. We would like to join the revolution and take advantage of the scheme.” Robin Wheeler, Oxon

Is this a good deal?  The first rule of OIL buying is NEVER buy it on your own, buy it with the group. For most of those not buying with a group this would be an amazing deal. However, even for those already enjoying the benefit of prices negotiated for them by the group this is just as significant. Not just for those reasons above, but think about this. If you work out what a monthly budget would have cost (had one existed)  for our group prices in 2013, then the range would have been approximately: £46 to £58. As stated above this deal is £52.45. Instantly, that gives any OIL buyer an insight into how good this is for them, how it fits with their budget, how it fits with their general concerns. Fix and know the price, or continue to buy on spot and enjoy the potential of extra savings, but risk paying more – it was about £6 a month either way. For those needing to budget this is, as one of my retired members said: “a no brainer” (she clearly likes Kevin Bacon’s EE adverts).

How did we get to this unique deal? This is group buying in the extreme. Had the group not come together (see the post and you will understand) and gained both respect and influence, then we would not have been able to negotiate this ground breaking deal. So really it is down to the belief of our members and the simple fact that they joined in!

         URGENT: THERE IS A DEADLINE TO “BOOK” THIS DEAL AND IT IS NOW!   By now we mean by the 21st December, so please act NOW!

Finally, every OIL buyer in the UK deserves to know about this development – so please tell them – and they can find out all the detail here: 01993 224111 or

So is this the best deal for OIL Buyers ever? You tell us.