On the eleventh day of Christmas…extraordinary change occurring

The CBL family grew – extraordinary change. The weather in both the UK and the US – even more extraordinary change. The eleventh day of Christmas was momentous.

We received the exciting news that my beautiful new grandchildren arrived – twin boys Jude and Luca – and the CBL family grows once again. I am expecting great contributions to our working days when they come into the office, in the same way that Nathaniel spreads a charming feeling of positivity when he comes to visit. That is the point – we are an inclusive, community based business and our first community is our family.

However. whilst our days have become even more momentous for such positive reasons take a look around at our planet. In our own country there is no respite from what have turned into two weeks of floods – lives have been impacted in extraordinary ways. But look at what is occurring in the US. Right now large areas of the US are experiencing record low temperatures, following on from chaotic weather. In one area the sea has flooded and then before it could recede fully it has been snowed on and frozen over. I cannot imagine what that must feel like. This is a time when the only way for some to survive is to look to their community.

This is why we will keep on working very hard to join up more and more communities – once they are linked in any number of ways they become more secure in even more that that number of ways. That is the power of the group!