BBC Oxford today with Kat Orman

Money Saving Missy and I will be on BBC Radio Oxford today 2-3pm. Today’s topic is: 

Stop wasting YOUR money…

1. The one BIG mistake – we all make one where we are hemorrhaging money. Let us help you change that

2. Do you really need that TV package? The step by step alternative…huge savings

3. Beware of scams…they really waste your money – on the doorstep, on the net and on the phone. Think a bit smarter

4. Get off GROUPON! Ever bought an offer and not used it? Then get off it now…WASTE of money

5. Forget switching! Crazy but true, I am bored with it…so don’t! Bundle instead

6. Start a group and buy stuff together…STOP wasting money by buying on your own…nappies/baby food, printer cartridges, fence panels #infinite

7. Oxfordshire Support Fund – if you are eligible and not claiming then you are wasting YOUR money

Come and listen, or just come and talk to us about all of these and many other ways to stop wasting YOUR money. Call the helpline and just ask us: 01993 224111.