MSE – “I’m a nerd, a geek, I want a perfect solution”

It was a hilarious few minutes of radio as Ed Davey – yup the Energy Minister – and Martin Lewis – yup Money Saving Expert – tried to be nicer than the other one could be to each other by agreeing with each other about something they believe different things about! Confused? So was I. BBC Radio FiveLive consumer slot, about 12.10pm, if you want to find it on the iPlayer. 

Interestingly I made the mistake of being an instigator in something that Ed Davey then took as his own idea and did what all MPs do – sucked the productive life out of it by trying to take all the glory for themselves. Even more interestingly my thoughts on it are much closer to what Martin Lewis believes. I am talking about collective switching of mains gas/electricity: something that has failed to deliver on almost any of its potential. However, we have other things to get right, I just don’t have time for that too right now. 

So he actually said out loud “I’m a nerd, a geek, I want a perfect solution” and within the same programme where he was his normal genius self when it came to everything else, he actually mentioned the new heating OIL article and the link to the Buying Group finder, and of course I laughed out loud just a little, given that we have covered in an earlier post that the links don’t do what they say they do. Not geeky enough Martin, nowhere near the perfect solution. 

I still haven’t finished the final piece about what he got wrong, but I was biding my time for a couple of reasons.