What does Boilerjuice have in common with Sky TV?

YouTube! Boilerjuice now advertises on YouTube. I don’t mean they upload their videos – we can all do that for free – I mean when you want to watch a video and that deeply annoying delay occurs where you have no choice but to watch an advert for a few seconds. That type of advertising. That is what Boilerjuice has in common with Sky TV – oh and a plethora of other large corporations as big as Universal Studios. Not only is the advert the usual flavour of Boilerjuice half-truths, but a BBC Radio Two legend is doing the voice over and, of course, there is the banner offering £5 to anyone introducing a friend. Hmmm, me thinks the part of the heating OIL supply market that is funding that has made a very big mistake – you’ve paid them too much!

They have something else in common with Sky TV – deeply worrying business practices. The News of The World actually had to close down because of the extraordinary depths they had lowered themselves to in the quest to bring their readers more sleaze than anyone else. Every other outlet owned by News International has been damaged by the ongoing cases brought against the parent company – the phone tapping scandal case continues right now. Of course that includes Mr Murdoch’s Sky TV. It frustrates me that I am subjected to having to watch Sky adverts when I want to watch a video on YouTube. I guess this is the power of the control massive corporations have over our lives. Imagine just how deep into my core that frustration ran when instead of Sky advertising at me it was Boilerjuice! Another company with a dubious past.

Why would any supplier use Boilerjuice? The business model, that is low on ethics and high on profit, is completely flawed, because with zero levels of social responsibility it does not fit in the 21st century. With a series of dubious issues still following it around, the company has now grown to over 20 staff. That is a larger workforce than all but a very small number of the UK heating OIL suppliers. Think on. The MD refuses to take my calls to come and have a chat and see how they might help with a number of social issues that they could influence. Why? Because they are only interested in profit. Nothing but profit. Suppliers that work with them must have grasped that, I mean some of them are paying them over 5ppl. At this rate those that use them will be funding a national TV advert next. 

I think it is fascinating that suppliers that work with Boilerjuice have chosen to turn a blind eye to all the dubious shenanigans of the past. Why? Probably because they see this source of business as Plan B. Believe me this is no Plan B, this is a Plan D and it stands for Disaster. But do you know how I know that every supplier that uses Boilerjuice actually knows this? That would be because, whilst they are quick to put links to others in their stakeholder chain on their website, they are so embarrassed that not one supplier appears to make it clear to public view that they are “proud supporters of Boilerjuice”. Why do you think that is?