Mazitas: A Road Map to Community Buying…The Big Launch

“When will Community Buying go mainstream?” asked Kat Orman at BBC Oxford. 

The answer is: it just has. It’s true, the phenomenon of Community Buying is mainstream of now. The business case has been proven, the power of the group is clear for all to see and the benefits to all those communities that are involved are alive and kicking in case study after case study. On Monday we launch the very thing that enables everyone to get involved and we would like to invite you to our webinar: 

Mazitas: A Road Map to Community Buying

Time: 11:00.   Date: Monday 10th March

it is FREE to join just follow this link to register before the session:

In our webinar last week we asked the question: Community Buying – can it change the way we buy stuff in the UK?  It was a super interactive session and the number answering “Strongly agree” went up from 30% at the beginning to nearly 70% at the end – I guess we hit some hot buttons.

So what’s next? Many asked exactly that – how do we get started? This is the next step, the launch of Mazitas: A Road Map to Community Buying.  

What is this all about? Mazitas is the meeting place for a community of communities and whatever it is you want to do with community – your own or any other – then this is the place to achieve your aspirations. No matter if you want to organise, motivate, manage, buy with, market to, educate, lead, ask its opinion, campaign on behalf of or simply communicate with then Mazitas is the best news you have had in a long time…whether you are a volunteer, a housing association, a tradesman, an organiser, a local shop, a corporation, a community group, the government, a buying group, a council, a charity, a school, a multi-national or a small supplier…there is a place in this platform for you. You just have to follow one completely obvious rule!

Bring your ideas, your questions and your opinions – oh yes and listen hard as you might just win one of the books we are giving away if you can tell me what that one obvious rule actually is!

Look out for the key concept in this session: “The fortune at the bottom of the pyramid – a completely fresh angle!”  We look forward to welcoming you or – if you are unable to attend – a colleague or three that really need to see what the excitement is all about.