NatWest come clean, finally!

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The iconic and truly stunning Market Square in Woodstock. It has been the darling of major films and blockbuster TV programmes for decades. The prestige of being part of this world famous scene surely something any corporation would be proud of – or so you’d think. 

natwest campaign 13 The idyllic home of NatWest on the square.

It seems they’ve given the town notice natwest campaign 14natwest campaign 10  Nice of them to come clean and say it as it is.

OK I plead guilty your honour. I defaced the property of my bank early this morning. I do hope they want to take legal action, because it pales into insignificance compared to how they are defacing my community, and I would rather relish a day in court to argue the issue with them.

It seems that some people believe it doesn’t matter what we do NatWest are leaving anyway. Well they could not be more wrong. NatWest will not be leaving Woodstock on the 28th May, 2014. They might still think they are, but not for very much longer.